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Thomas and Declan Wynne of Seattle Washington enjoyed working with Vicky.  She incorporated their ideas and offered creative, practical and unique suggestions.  Vicky’s architectural design has now become a reality and we are loving it!  Thanks Vicky.

  Thomas and Declan Wynne

Vicky helped me to achieve my dream of

a cozy home in the New England woods. She took my initial sketches, done on a napkin, and turned them into professional designs. with a few amusing touches. Vicky designed the plans, contracted the project and built it. Her experience, diligence and sense of humor made this project a success and one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Alyson Patch

V my dream

Vicky Opperman was the designer on my Accessory Dwelling Unit project (ADU). Building an ADU involves a lot of work, permit and code requirements through the City of Seattle, which can be difficult.  
I have my own business and was in my busy season at the time.  I appreciated Vicky’s constant professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail.  Vicky's
​involvement simplified and streamlined the entire process.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Julie Beller – House Inspector
Deciding to have my art studio at my home was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make.  Not only was I used to painting in a neutral place, that of a warehouse space, but I have always heard that creating art where you live simply can’t be done.  Going into the decision of having my art studio within the boundaries of my home property was going to take careful planning.  I knew I needed to work with a designer who could respond to my personal needs and desires.  Once I realized Vicky could offer this to me, I really began to get excited about the notion of getting just what I’ve always wanted and needed from all my past studios, in one new space.  From the very first visit to my previous studio, Vicky seemed to get what I was after.  She kept a collection of all my discombobulated, half-baked ideas, and started pulling them into the form of 3 dimensionality.  What Vicky reallyunderstood that had nothing to do with my immediate needs was how to resource.  Her knowledge of what it takes to make this type of building in Seattle, combined with how to do it in a smart, conservation minded and unique way really won me over. Vicky gave me more than I expected I could get, within a budget that had tight parameters.  Vicky presented the concept of a multi-use structure, which allowed my wife to have the office space she’s always wanted without compromising my studio needs. I also really appreciated her desire to use non-traditional building methods, such as Structural Insulated Panels for the roof system, that express a real emphasis on recycled materials, green building, and contemporary construction. But what impressed me most about Vicky was that she really familiarized herself with my particular style of art work, and figured out how to incorporate that energy and vision into a building.  The results are everything I desired of my dream space, and much much more. ​Larry Bemm, Artist
We first started work with Vicky on a fairly simple remodel of the attic in our 1919 bungalow.  Three years later, we were the owners of a two-story addition which blended in with the neighborhood as well 
as new stairs and a fully remodeled kitchen – all this within our not extensive budget.  The outcome was a testament to the ease with which we, the contractor and Vicky could work together.  At all times, Vicky listened to what we wanted, understood our constraints (both physical and financial) and worked with us to come up with the right solution. Everything was done to time and budget, from design, through permitting and liasing through the construction process.  More importantly Vicky was fun to work with! Helen Routh, Ph.D. and Brian Koester


I love the area in which I live, but my house was too small, too old, and in constant need of repair.  With the help of designer Victoria Opperman, my little four room house was transformed into a charming and spacious seven room home that constantly delights me. 
​Louise Simonson